As an EPA certified, Class “A” Residential Building Contractors (RBC) contractor, LLUGO LLC can manage any size residential construction or renovation project. Our company was founded on superior workmanship, integrity and outstanding customer service. Our team provides itemized cost estimates, clean workspaces, accurate project timelines and proactive communication with our clients. We are committed to complete client satisfaction.



We offer complete renovation or new construction services for all interior areas of the home, including

kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, basement, flooring, wall coverings/paint, as well as trade services such as electrical, plumbing and drywall.


Our skilled craftsman can perform all residential exterior renovation/new construction projects, including

painting, doors, masonry/concrete, fencing, lighting, walkways, decks, landscape services and more. We also offer complete trade services, such as plumbing and electrical.


Service Work

Proactive maintenance is the key to enjoying many trouble free years in a home. LLUGO LLC offers a full array of maintenance services, including electrical and plumbing repair/installation, concrete pouring and repair, HVAC services, certified water remediation and more.

"Residential building contractors" (Abbr: RBC) means those individuals whose contracts include construction, remodeling, repair, improvement, removal, or demolition on real property owned, controlled, or leased by another person of dwellings and townhouses, as defined in the USBC, including accessory buildings or structures on such property. The RBC classification does not provide for electrical, plumbing, HVAC, or gas fitting services and does not allow construction, repair, or improvement, to commercial, industrial, institutional, or governmental use structures outside of dwellings and townhouses as defined in the USBC.

The residential building classification includes but is not limited to the functions carried out by the following specialties for contracts of dwellings and townhouses, as defined by the USBC, and related accessory use buildings or structures:

  • Concrete contracting
  • Masonry contracting
  • Home improvement contracting
  • Painting and wallcovering contracting
  • Industrialized building contracting
  • Roofing contracting
  • Landscape service contracting
  • Swimming pool contracting

Pg 5 of the Commonwealth of Virginia Board for Contractors Regulations Last Updated November 1 2019.  Statutes Title 54.1, Chapter 11

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